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Venue: HSBC Securities (Japan) Limited
Date and time: June 30, 2004

Introductory Message

>>Video 1min. 49sec. (805KB)

Turning Recent Events to Our Advantage

Video 7min. 09sec. (1,994KB)
Company's Strength in Marketing Capabilities

>>Video 3min. 01sec. (814KB)
Achieving Low-Cost Operations

>>Video 1 : 4min. 36sec. (1,271KB)
>>Video 2 : 4min. 46sec. (1,391KB)
Reforming Itoham Corporate Culture

>>Video 2min. 31sec. (700KB)
Targets for 2007

>>Video 2min. 31sec. (760KB)
Q&A-1   >>Video 3min. 43sec.(1,090KB)
Q&A-2   >>Video 3min. 01sec.(1,247KB)
Q&A-3   >>Video 2min. 41sec.(1,177KB)
Q&A-3-1   >>Video 1min. 18sec.(425KB)
Q&A-3-2   >>Video 4min. 04sec.(1,711KB)
Q&A-3-3   >>Video 1min. 02sec.(401KB)
Q&A-3-4   >>Video 1min. 22sec.(178KB)
Q&A-4   >>Video 3min. 01sec.(1,245KB)
Q&A-5   >>Video 3min. 53sec.(1,590KB)

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