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Venue: HSBC Securities (Japan) Limited
Date and time: September 14, 2004

Intoroduce Message

>>Video 1min. 22sec. (556KB)

Company strong in marketing

Video 5min. 11sec. (1,339KB)
Archieving Low-Cost Operation

>>Video 6min. 32sec. (1,708KB)
>>Video 3min. 18sec.(914KB)
>>Video 2min. 29sec.(793KB)
>>Video 3min. 20sec.(1,319KB)
>>Video 1min. 20sec.(197KB)
>>Video 1min. 53sec.(884KB)
>>Video 6min. 19sec.(2,477KB)
>>Video 1min. 51sec.(701KB)
>>Video 2min. 10sec.(842KB)
>>Video 5min. 57sec.(2,319KB)
>>Video 2min. 25sec.(1,128KB)

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