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Venue: HSBC Securities (Japan) Limited
Date and time: February 25, 2005

Intoroduce Message

>>Video 3min.17sec.(1,843KB)

A Big Transformation

>>Video 1min.22sec.(598KB)
A change in food industry

>>Video 2min.08sec.(458KB)
Medium term management plan 1

>>Video 3min.02sec.(557KB)
Medium term management plan 2

>>Video 1min.19sec.(282KB)
Sales target for side-dishes

>>Video 47sec.(114KB)
Sales increase in meat-based side-dishes

>>Video 1min.00sec.(176KB)
Sales targets for a new brand “ICHIBAN-TEI”

>>Video 1min.41sec.(798KB)
Sales increase in finger foods

>>Video 3min.09sec.(1,028KB)
Our strength: brand differentiation

>>Video 6min.40sec.(3,534KB)
Q&A-1 >>Video 6min.43sec. (4,251KB)
Q&A-2 >>Video 5min.48sec. (1,495KB)
Q&A-3 >>Video 2min.05sec. (942KB)
Q&A-4 >>Video 10min.00sec. (5,406KB)
Q&A-5 >>Video 5min.49sec. (3,670KB)
Q&A-6 >>Video 9min.10sec. (4,612KB)
Q&A-7 >>Video 1min.48sec. (1,073KB)

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